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  • Create your ambiance with neon.

  • Custom led neon sign  

    1/ Your sign is ready to ship within 10 working days. 
    2/ It will need 5-10 working days to be shipped worldwide.

    Material and our quality
    1/ Our signs are LED Flexible Neon with PVC and not the glass neon bulbs. 
    2/ We will include a clear acrylic backing with hanging holes. 
    3/ Comply with CE and ROHS (international safety standard)
    4/ Transformer: External- 12 Volts
    5/ Lifetime: Up to 50, 000 Hours 
    6/ Warranty: 1 year warranty on electrical components
    7/ Power Cord: 1-2m of power cable which connects to a standard power plug
    8/ No buzzing sound

    Backing Style(Acrylic board)

    1/ mounting pins:It is stainless steel pins used to tightly secure this item to a surface. You can mount the sign directly onto the wall (requires drilling into the wall).

    Power Supply
    1The sign is 12v,we will supply one power supplier which suit for 110V-230V.

    1/ Warranty 1 year on manufacturer's defects (cost for shipping covered by buyer)
    2/ No returns or exchanges

    Important Notice
    1/ Default for indoor using without water.
    2/ The buyer is responsible for duties & taxes on International orders.

    If you don’t want our standard products,How to order a custom one? 

    Please refer to following steps:
    /Tell us what you :
       A/ description, you can attach images of something you have seen or like. If letters,    chose font from our font chart(you can also send us the font name you like),please contact us on line.
       B/ Dimensions(Please note that there is Minimum height restriction of letters, refer to the font chart)
       C/ Color of your sign (refer to the color chart)
       D/ Chose the structure of acrylic back board(cut to shape or whole board)
       E/ Choose the plug head.

       You can send all the details to our email support@vintagesign.cn

    Country of delivery for custom products
    1/ We send you our best offer within 2 business days with a price and a mock-up of your sign for your review and approval.
    2/ After confirmation and payment, we start making your order.

    We'd love to create a bespoke Neon LED Sign just for you!Just send us a message! 

    Our custom neon LED signs are the perfect touch of light for your home decor, use it for your children or baby bedrooms, living room, man cave, office,store,... or as a wedding,events,business sign and party signs –big,small-we can make it.


Alle Bestellungen werden in unserer internationalen Produktionsstätte mit größter Sorgfalt und Liebe zum Detail von Hand gefertigt.

Unsere handgefertigte kundenspezifische Produktionszeit beträgt durchschnittlich 5-10 Werktage nach Zahlungseingang. Jedes Stück wird auf höchstem Niveau gehalten. Sie werden während dieses Zeitraums immer über Ihr Stück auf dem Laufenden gehalten.

Bitte beachten Sie auch, dass es bei vielen Spediteuren aufgrund von COVID-19 zu Verzögerungen kommt, und unabhängig davon, welchen Versanddienst wir verwenden, kann es zu Verzögerungen kommen, die nicht in unseren Händen liegen. Wir werden stets unser Bestes tun, um eine schnellstmögliche Produktion und Lieferung zu gewährleisten.

Die Versandzeiten beziehen sich auf die Transportzeit, nachdem das Stück die Produktion abgeschlossen und unser Werk verlassen hat. Sobald Ihr Stück versandt wurde, erhalten Sie eine Sendungsverfolgungsnummer.

Wir bieten eine Reihe von Versandoptionen in alle Länder weltweit an, mit unterschiedlichen Preisen, um unterschiedliche Versandgeschwindigkeiten widerzuspiegeln...

Die Richtlinien für die Lieferzeit lauten wie folgt:


Standardversand (3-6 Werktage) 

Expressversand (DHL vollständig verfolgt, 2-4 Werktage)


Europäischer Versand

Standardversand (3-6 Arbeitstage) 

Expressversand (DHL vollständig verfolgt, 2-4 Werktage)


Weltweiter Versand

Standardversand(4-9 Werktage) 

Expressversand (DHL vollständig verfolgt, 3-6 Werktage)



Payment & Security

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Ihre Zahlungsinformationen werden sicher verarbeitet. Wir speichern keine Kreditkartendaten und haben keinen Zugriff auf Ihre Kreditkarteninformationen.


For further customization and quick response, please contact us at support@vintagesign.cn


Easily bring your vision to life with our online custom LED neon sign maker! Tailor your unique neon sign using our user-friendly tool, and explore a visual mockup to preview your personalized creation. Whether it's a neon sign, custom neon sign, or custom LED neon sign, we've got you covered for a seamless and vibrant design experience.


We've got you covered! Our versatile services allow you to create virtually anything you need. Simply click here to access a form where you can upload your image, logo, company name, tagline, or any artwork you'd like to transform into a stylish glowing sign.


Can't find the right font? No worries! We replicate any text style, from handwriting to logos. If you face challenges using our online neon sign maker, reach out for a personalized quote. Share your ideas and budget – we love bringing neon signs to life, and understanding your budget helps tailor our quote to your needs.

After-Sales Service

We are committed to providing high quality customized illuminated signs to ensure your satisfaction with our customized neon signs. Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems during the LED sign customization process. We can't guarantee that every piece of custom neon sign will be intact during transportation, but once the custom neon sign has any damage or can't light up, we will be happy to provide you with high quality after-sales service, please believe that we are willing to work together to build your neon sign. We promise to provide excellent after-sales service to solve any problems in the process of use to ensure you have a pleasant shopping experience.

Safe & Friendly

Neon Signs offer a gentle, cool, and smooth touch. The LED neon emits bright yet non-dazzling light, ensuring a noise-free and energy-efficient experience. Custom Neon Lights boast a prolonged lifespan while remaining cool, quiet, and environmentally conscious. They eliminate the risk of broken glass or hazardous substance leakage.


Our LED neon signs offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional glass neon signs without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. And we are a sign manufacturer that makes not only neon, but other sign products as well. Our price is manufacturer price, no middleman to make difference, you can get the best quality and cheapest price of LED neon.

Warranty Coverage

Enjoy a one-year warranty service. If, within the first year, your custom neon sign experiences issues such as non-illumination, inability to function, remote dimming malfunction, or faulty lamp strips, we will replace it provided that the damage is not due to artificial causes.