Is the backlit address number a separate number or is it mounted on the backplane?

The backlit address number is a separate unit. You have the flexibility to set them horizontally, vertically, or attach them to a backplane if you prefer.

How do I enable a backlit address number?

There are five ways to power your backlit address number: You only need one power supply and one LED driver/transformer for all the numbers.
1. 110V hard wiring - need 110V AC to 12V DC transformer (we will deliver the transformer to you for free, whether you need it or not)
2. Existing 12V DC power supply
3. Existing landscape system - if your system is 12V AC, you may need an additional 12V AC to 12V DC converter
4. 110V plug/socket - need 110V AC to 12V DC transformer
5. Solar panel charging treasure
If you choose a solar panel power supply to power your address number, select it from the Additional Accessories section.
There is no need for a dusk-to-dawn light sensor, timer, dimmer, or plug with solar panel options, as it includes built-in dusk-to-dawn light sensor, timing, and dimming functions.
Please refer to the wiring diagram for the backlit address number here.
Check out our installation instructions page for more details.

Is one solar panel power supply enough to power all my numbers, or do I need multiple?

Our solar panel power banks are so powerful that they can power all your addresses in just one unit.

What is the size and width of the LED house number?

The option we gave in the preview image is the height of the letter, if you need the width of the letter, you can contact us and we can give you an accurate letter width size.

Is the light address dimmable?

Yes, the address number can be dimmed. Use any standard 12V DC dimmer to adjust its brightness. You can purchase our dimmers from the Additional Accessories section on the product page.

How do I install a backlight address number?

For detailed installation instructions, please refer to our installation and wiring guide.

Did I include the required hardware and installation templates in my order?

Yes, each order includes the necessary mounting screws and templates. If you want to install floating numbers, we will match them together inside the package, whether you need to install floating numbers or not, we will give them.

Is the lamp address number too low voltage? Also, are they DC or AC?

Yes, the light address number operates at low voltage (12V DC).

Can I install a backlight address number vertically or horizontally?

Yes, you can install separate backlit numbers vertically or horizontally, or even on the backplane. Your order will include a horizontal or vertical installation template according to your choice.

How durable is the backlit address number? Are they waterproof and weatherproof?

Backlit address numbers are highly durable and built to last. They are made of stainless steel and acrylic and can withstand rain and harsh weather conditions. They are IP65 rated water and weather resistant.

Can I connect the backlight address number directly to a 110V or 240V AC power supply?

No, because the backlight address numbers run at 12V DC, they cannot be connected directly to the AC power supply. It must be connected to the 110V AC to 12V DC LED driver, and then connected to the 110V to 240v AC power supply. Connecting them directly to an AC power supply without an LED driver is very dangerous and should not be attempted.

What is the color temperature of white and warm white, cold white digital backlight?

White : 6500K
Warm white : 3500K
Cold white : 10000K

How does dusk-to-dawn light sensor and timer work automatically on/off?

The dusk to Dawn light sensor will turn on the address number at dusk (evening) and turn off at dawn (morning). For timers, you can set specific times and schedules, automatically turn on and off address numbers, according to your preferences.